amount to be invested

amount to be invested
amount to be invested BANK Investitionssumme f

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  • invested capital — UK US noun [U] ACCOUNTING, FINANCE ► the amount of money invested in a company, including debts that are not due to be paid back within a year and shares owned by shareholders: »The company, with invested capital of $3 billion, often buys… …   Financial and business terms

  • invested capital — amount of resources that have been invested in a business by its owners …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • amount — /ə maυnt/ noun a quantity of money ● A small amount has been deducted to cover our costs. ● A large amount is still owing. ● What is the amount to be written off? ● She has a small amount invested in gilt edged stock. ■ verb ♦ to amount to to… …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • return on invested capital — UK US noun [C or U] (ABBREVIATION ROIC) ► FINANCE, ACCOUNTING a company s profit for a particular period compared with the capital invested in the company. This shows how effectively the company is using the amount of capital invested in it to… …   Financial and business terms

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  • Return On New Invested Capital - RONIC — A calculation used, either by a firm or investors, to determine the amount of return that a firm could earn on additional contributed capital. The calculation measures the return generated when a company converts its capital into capital… …   Investment dictionary

  • capital invested — ˌcapital inˈvested noun [uncountable] FINANCE the amount of money put into a particular business or activity: • This is the biggest cellular equipment venture of the last 10 years; capital invested will be several hundred million dollars …   Financial and business terms